Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap through EXILL

Cleansing the laptops overused file folders and came across some old stuff! I don't recall posting this before and it was one of the main submissions for the Cook Book assignment. Ta-Dah indeed.

The icon assignment-- choose one thing and draw it over and over until your brain starts seeping puss. I prefer this one to the colour one (previously posted). I want to fix the waves, for they agonize my corneas. Sigh.

And good old Alphabet Spreads. I LOVED this assignment. We were only assigned two letters to do a drawing for but I took on a third and this was the result! I literally just finished fixing this up on openCanvas-- the scan left it was a big gap between two halves of the drawing (this is A3, scanner is A4.. I'm poor) and I fixed the ellipse on the urchin :D

ProMarkers <333333

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Illustrators Eve @ Easons

On Thursday (19th) a coursemate and I went along for the Illustrators Evening in Easons, featuring David Melling, Niamh Sharkey, Chris Judge and Chris Haughton.

David went up first and he gave a nice professional presentation, then taught us how to draw one of his characters in stick-man style, line by line (as did each illustrator after their presentation). David's character was a goblin from one of his books.

No Eoghan!!! You're doing it WRONG!!

Chris Judge (who previously guest lectured us for a class) explaining his The Lonely Beast storybook and illustrations.

A little mix-up though... the audience wasn't made up of children as the illustrators (or staff?) expected. A whole two hours of older people drawing cartoon characters and stick men the same way 6 year old's would be taught... priceless!

So cute!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Danleo @ KTContemporary

After running around in circles for almost a week I finally made it to Danleo's exhibition hosted at KTContemporary (the eye-melting bright orange building on Donnybrook Rd).

Fortunately photos were allowed to be taken! Huzzah!

Painting from the exhibition advertisement. Huge!

I have my sights on the Shiva painting! Lotto numbers, come to me...
The tree stumps and lightning clouds were painted onto the wall while the crane in the foreground was cut out of wood and popped out from the wall.

There was a little selection of 'layered' paintings-- layers of wood painted and placed into a deep frame and covered with glass. A cool change to just paintings was that there was even a clock in the shape of a birdhouse on exhibit. About 20~ pieces in total and a giant wall mural hiding behind the corner. Nice to see these paintings in person rather than online. Very kooky!


Hanging around college after-hours and with only 3 formal classes left, it dawned on me that there were no form of keepsakes for anyone in AIH1... so I threw this class caricature of everyone from the course together over a few hours. Here's hoping they liked it and aren't plotting revenge!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Botanic Gardens

Intaglio ink on fabriano (dry-point). Encouraged to create something waaay out of perspective.

Kensington Palace (3 of 14)

(Post unrelated to the Queens visit... just odd timing!)

For one module last year we created a book based on Kensington Palace; illustrate it, write it and bind it... basically make a book from scratch. Unfortunately time got the better of me and I didn't have the resources to get good paper so had no other choice but to stick with inkjet paper (explaining why you can see the illustration from the next page behind the text) and a bit of bad luck binding (it tore a bit).
For the creation of the whole book I had the mental image of a book from childhood called 'Fluffy the Unicorn'... very plain and very avant-garde, and now that I am older I realize it was disgustingly full of innuendos, even though it was aimed at children. Something about a unicorn being kidnapped and then escaping... how enlightening! However, this was about 10 years ago and I can't remember the author, so if ANY of this sounds familiar to you please drop a comment as I've been looking everywhere for this series of books for the past few years!
I am determined to recreate this book this summer, but in better quality! (Poetry done with a LOT of help from Alex Chavanne-- kudos good sir!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paper Jam @ The Atrium

The second year Illustration, Graphic Design and Fibre Art students hosted their graduate show at The Atrium in Temple Bar last night. A good show-out (so good that the entire four stories of the building were almost impossible to move in), some freebies, cool people and a nice atmosphere! It was nice to finally get to properly see what the second years had been getting up to as well as a nice look at what the other two courses were doing. I made sure to be a detective and find out what the AIH2 work is like so I'm mentally prepared :D

Vertigo much?

Some stuff I nabbed from the exhibition (alongside the free wine!). The 'zine (top left) is produced by AIH2 students, displaying comics and prints that were done throughout the year. I grabbed a few business cards (to add to the ridiculously huge collection I already have) from some of the AIH and Graphic Design peoples' sections, some smaller versions of prints the Graphic Design students made and other cool postcards.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Butchering Nara (envelopes)

College work tea break in the form of ripping off Yoshitomo Nara. Decided to put the pack of crayons that were gathering dust to some use and practice other styles!

Starting to fall in love with drawing on envelopes and using crayons! This is going to make growing up even harder! What's even more fun is that they only take around 5 - 15 minutes to do. Perfect for an ADD-er/Facebook addict...
The left and middle envelopes were just for fun, while the one on the right was drawn for a coursemate who loves trolls :D Only AIHers will understand the mushroom reference :'D