Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Series o' Killers

Left to right, top and bottom: 
David Berkowitz - Son of Sam 
Peter Sutcliffe - The Yorkshire Ripper 
Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker 
John W. Gacy - Pogo the Clown/The Killer Clown 
Jeffery Dahmer - The Milwaukee Monster/Cannibal 
Charles Manson 

 If I sat an exam on serial killers, I would probably ace it...

Some word/drawing play

Suitably, I'm too lazy to fix up errors in this...

Eat... fat... I'll get my coat

Hello strangers! / Birthday caricature

I'm still drawing! Albeit.. very... seldomly...

Caricature for dad's upcoming (super secret, shh) birthday bash this Saturday. I'm too poor to afford any decent presents and can just about scrape the price of a print, so this will just have to do! And he better like it
- Hen 'cos he breeds roosters/hens
- Egg 'cos he collects their eggs
- Priest collar and rosary beads 'cos he's training to be a deacon
- Keys 'cos he's constantly driving from place to place
- Two mobile phones in pocket (under beads) 'cos he has multiple phones that never... stop... ringing...
- Necklace 'cos he's Lord Mayor and has bling-bling
- Upturned trousers 'cos he's a short man and his size of trousers are often too long lolz

Will either be printed on A3 and everyone signs around it, or A4 greeting card...